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    2. >> Location:About Us
        SHIJIAZHUANG ZHENGDING JINSHI CHEMICAL CO., LTD is located at Zhengding County—a graceful and attractive place that is famous for a great number of historical heritages. The traffic of Zhengding County is very convenient with Jingzhu Expressway in the East, Jingguang Railway and 107 State Road in the West, the capital of Hebei Province Shijiazhuang city in the South, and Shijiazhuang International Airport in the North.
        SHIJIAZHUANG ZHENGDING JINSHI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD covers an area of 120,000 square meters, owning 2.7 billions (RMB)of fixed assets and 315 professional employees, including 56 skilled engineering technicians.We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Strontium salts, with the annual output of Strontium Carbonate 50000mts, Strontium Chloride 6000mts, Strontium Nitrate 8000mts, Strontium Hydroxide 3000mts, Sodium Hydrosulfide ( liquid / solid) 15000mts.
        Our quality management system has been approved to the Standard ISO9001:2000. We own advanced equipments, perfect craftsmanship, excellent managers. The management strictly follows the Standard ISO9001:2000.
        At present, our products Industrial Strontium Salts with the brand name JINSHI are not only welcomed in domestic market, but also being appreciated by overseas market such as Japan, Korea, Europe, America etc. enjoying a good reputation and steady possession lot.
        SHIJIAZHUANG ZHENGDING JINSHI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD sincerely hope to make nice cooperation with your esteemed company and promise to offer you the quality products, favourable price, and excellent service all the time.