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    2. >> Location:Products > Sodium Hydrosuphide (flakes)

      Item Index
      Solid Liquid
      NaHS % 70 70 70 70 65 40 35
      NaS % 2.0 2.0 2.0 1 1 1 1.5
      Fe? % 15ppm 20ppm 30ppm / / / /
      Use:It is mainly applied to preparation of half-finished product of ammonium sulfide and glycollic acid, flotation of copper mine in mining industry, depilation and tanning in leather industry, free sulfur removal in active carbon desulfurizer in chemical fertilizer industry, sulfurous acid dyeing in artificial fibre production, and synthesis of organic intermediate and auxiliary agent of preparing sulfur dye in dyeing industry.
      Package:25kg Export-Standard plastic woven bag in 3 layers, inner & outer layer-PP coated plastic woven bag, middle layer- transparent PP film. Or as customer's request.